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I grew up in the Chicago Suburbs before moving on to pharmacy school, then residency and clinical practice, and finally out to Willamette Valley following the Oregon trail with my wife, Christa, and dog, Addison. Following the Cubs minor leagues and the MLB draft has been my passion since I became a fan. I scoured every Baseball America article and newspaper clipping that featured the Cubs prospects. When I had the opportunity to attend the Cubs Convention as a child, I waited in line to meet Juan Cruz, Nic Jackson, and Bobby Hill rather than Mike Remlinger (No offense Mike!). My summers home from college involved me dragging my parents to Kane County Cougars because I had to see Javy Baez ( he went 1/4 with a booming home run to straight centerfield), Albert Almora, and Dan Vogelbach. The conversations about the Cubs organization, MiLB prospects, and the MLB Draft are what I love most about following baseball.

Ivy Futures is an opportunity to continue these conversations. I’ll try to blend my perspectives on the Cubs organization and players with sabermetric and biodynamic data, when available. I’m open to hearing your perspectives as well. Let me know your recommendations for topics and mediums to discuss them.

I hope you enjoy Ivy Futures!

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Greg Zumach

Following the Cubs minor leagues and the MLB draft has been my passion since I became a fan. I try to focus on deeper dives into players along with MLB Draft content throughout the year.

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